Canyon News

Every year, on the first Saturday of June, a gala fundraiser is held at the Rustic Canyon Recreation Center.  Funds from recent Rustic Nights have enabled the refurbishment of our tennis courts, the gym floor, stage lighting and curtains as well as a start on plans to refurbish the historic 1923 Uplifters Clubhouse which is a centerpiece of the park.  Rustic Night is June 6 and will feature a 17-piece orchestra conducted by seven time Emmy Award nominee Les Hooper.  It will be a terrific evening with a Coconut Grove theme, excellent food, did I say wine (?) and, of course, dancing through the night.

Mark my words, this is not your usual fundraiser. The evening is pure fun infused with some the magic of the original Uplifters. Come dine and dance and enjoy the spirits of the canyon. The only way to describe it is to come see and experience it for yourself.

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