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Bake & Gather


We are a community group of bakers- amateur & professionals, business owners, parents and caring residents dedicated to inspiring people to do good through their own passions.  Our goal is to be a resource and inspiration to anyone who wants to make a difference through simple actions within their communities.

Bake & Gather is the first of many grassroots ideas to inspire people to host bake sale events, encourage community building and then donate all proceeds to their charity of choice. We believe when we get communities together, hold space, and bond over a common passion, we can slowly start to connect with each other again. While baking is our current focus, we hope to spark this into whatever passion you may have. Who knows, maybe one day there can also be—BBQ & Gather. Surf & Gather. Jewelry Making & Gather!

Whatever the focus, the goal of these events are to have fun, foster relationships in your communities and give back. We have confidence that great things happen when we spread love and create a forum for people to come together because in the end, we are truly #bettertogether