Debbie Warfel has spent the last two and a half years or more leading the brigade to try to end the disruptive airplane noise over inthecanyon neighborhoods. In the summer of 2016 the Airport and Noise Management System insisted there really was no problem while admitting that complaints had tripled for 2015 to 2016. And, yes, flight activity had increased by 22% but nobody could find an explanation so go home folks, nothing to see here.
This infuriated Debbie Warfel and she leapt into action and became a constant thorn in the side for the FAA, the Santa Monica Airport and every political leader she could contact. She started a movement for everyone inthecanyon to call, email, write to every official demanding the issue be addressed and to take action to stop or reduce the noise. It was unthinkable to her that the FAA and the City of Santa Monica came together to not close the airport that citizens had lobbied for but, rather, to extend the contract to 2028. Debbie stepped up her efforts, people called, complained, lawsuits were filed, the FAA challenged and a no-holds-barred approach of a barrage of calls, emails, registrations of complaints and demands.
Well, on the last day of November 2018 Debbie and George Wolfberg (another leader in the effort) were notified that the fight had been lost. The Court sided with the FAA. But, Debbie and George do not go gentle into that good night. They say the next step is to increase pressure on elected government officials. Contact Debbie or George to find out who to complain to and the many ways in which you can do it.
On another front, the recent wildfires where devastating to all. Julie Sillman was personally touched by the Camp fire as her 89 year old father got out with his life and his dog and nothing else. Rather than just ringing her hands feeling sorry for the victims Julie jumped into actions, put the word out to her inthecanyon friends for gift cards that would be given to those touched by the fire to help put their lives back together. Our inthecanyon family donated over $2,500 in gift cards and Julie and her son, Jack Coven made several trips up north to gift them to the residents and visited every shelter. What a wonderful act of kindness and generosity!
We are blessed to live in a community that looks at the world in larger terms than their own lives and take action when action is needed!