Sellers Guide

If you’re considering selling your home, or would simply want us to share an accurate reading of how the current market values your house, we are the ones to call. We are deeply committed to our community, participating in the voluntary home owners association boards, living in the canyon and raising our families her. We take pride in representing every home we list and work hard to achieve the highest sales price. When we list a house, outside brokers respect our pricing because of our historical presence and success. Home owners often tell us that we price their house at the top range of a 20-30% price differential amongst other agents and appraised values. Appraisers often call us for insights into past sales not having been on the market to help support their refinance requests. If you are considering a potential remodel or addition we are also available to advise you as to how the market interprets improvements in dollars and cents with a prudent eye to selling in the future.

Dear Isabelle,
Thank you for making the sale so swift and painless. You saved us from ourselves. We appreciate all that you have done for us. With love &  gratitude.
Steve & Elizabeth Z.

“Selling a house is more than just setting the right price and putting a marketing plan in place -– though Frank did a great job of delivering on that most critical front – buying or selling can also be an emotional process and one that requires coordinating lots of details and quick response times. Frank and his team at Deasy Penner understood all the ins and outs and made my life easier. Whether serving as sounding board, market guru, part-time psychologist or no-nonsense proxy, Frank was the best of brokers.” Elizabeth Marcellino