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A Message from Isabelle & Frank November 21, 2017 3:38 am

There is so much apathy in the country and around the world. People seem to walk around with emotional blinders on so as not to acknowledge the pain and suffering of those around them. But, that is far from the case inthecanyon. Just consider what some of our amazing neighbors are doing.

Jorga Leap, a warrior who has worked with Father Gregory Boyle for years to help gang members turn their lives around and more recently with Project Fatherhood. An organization that works with former gang members to help guide them to becoming good fathers to their children so that their children don’t fall into the same trap that they did.
Greg Willis, a one man crusader who spends his time and money cleaning up the beaches around the area.

Marilyn Wexler, when she is not marching for women’s rights she is holding city, state, and government officials to account for issues that impact the lives of inthecanyon neighbors.

Valerie Van Galder. After being personally touched by someone suffering with depression, Valerie joined forces with Depressed Cake Shop and opened a chapter here. The Cake “Shop” is actually a roving bake sale where all the proceeds go to local charities to raise awareness about depression and mental health.
Sharon Kilbride, a past Pacific Palisades Citizen of the Year recipient, spearheaded the efforts to clean up the tunnel to the beach and worked to make those in authority accountable for keeping it clean. She is also a volunteer working to help ease the homeless population in the area by finding them housing.

Patricia Nettleship, the Keeper of the Gate at La Senora is preserving the rich history of early California. The La Senora Research Institute works to hold tours, lectures and screen classic films made by former residents of the Hacienda.

Debbie Warfel, the red baroness of airport noise nuisances. Debbie works tirelessly to get people involved petitioning for a reduction in the noise over the Canyon.

George Wolfberg, another past Citizen of the Year. If there is a cause George is there full throttle. In addition to his continuing work the SMCCA he speaks to officials of all stripes to promote and make clear causes important to inthecanyon neighbors.

And then there are all our neighbors who come together time and time again. When the call went out to work on beautifying the Recreational Center you came in droves; Cleaning dead foliage, planting trees and installing benches.