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TO WATER OR NOT TO WATER: August 11, 2014 1:20 pm


Experts have long advised homeowners not to water coastal live oak trees because that would encourage fungus which could weaken and kill the trees.  However, after a brutal three years of drought the trees are now facing another danger – beetles.

If your trees are going from green to brown or you notice oozing or staining on the trunk or numerous twigs that are turning brown and falling off you may have beetles.

You can mimic late-spring rainfall by using a 100 foot soaker hose set on a slow drip for 24 hours once a week.  Don’t place the hose at or near the base of the tree however, or allow water to soak the trunk.  Place it along or just inside the drip line.  Even though we are well into the summer months, you can still use this method to save your trees.

If you are concerned about your oak trees contact an

arborist to check them out and advise you on how to save these signature trees.

Or, you can contact the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains at

Or call them at 818-597-8627 or call Isabelle for a recommendation for an Arborist.