Frank Langen

Frank Langen has been successfully selling houses in Los Angeles since 1994. Representing both buyers and sellers in the volatile California market keeps him interested. Having been in the trenches through several recessions, including the Great one, make his insights into the current market conditions invaluable.

Born in Santa Monica, Frank Langen was schooled in both Europe and the United States. He was first drawn to art & architecture in his youth due several architectural projects his parents built and visited around the world.

Langen graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Economics and Philosophy. Soon after he returned to Europe as an adult taking a position with Cargill Industries as a commodities trader stationed in Paris, Milan and Hamburg. Eventually Langen practiced photography apprenticing for several notable photographers.

In 1999 he started the website serving the Santa Monica and Rustic canyon areas. Langen currently resides in the canyon in on of the original Uplifters log cabins. He bases himself out of his offices at 169 W. Channel Road centrally located in Canyon Square. The building designed by Jim Tyler, one of the Case Study architects, which also houses his gallery which specializes in photography.

To reach Frank call 310.963.3891 or email